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New drink I’ve tried (or had for first time in ages)….

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End of last week I ordered some fizzy drinks (or “soda pop” as you lot over in the US would probably call it) from an online Health food store – (mention my “tell-a-friend reference number”, and they’ll send me some free chocolates if you place an order over £40. code = MJ23664W).

I first came across Fentiman’s products about 10yrs or so ago I guess, when my Dad ordered in some of their ginger beer from his Health food supplier Brewhursts (now trading as “Tree of Life”)……….. from what I recall it didn’t sell that quickly (I probably ended up drinking most of it), but it was damn good stuff………… several years later after going without, and making do with IDRIS + “D&G Old Jamaica” ginger beer, one night online a couple of months ago I got thinking “what the fuck was that one the old git used to stock called………….. Botanically brewed stuff……?”.
A wee bit of Googling around later and I came up with Fentimans, and being stocked at this online health food store (I’d ordered stuff off them before, last year).
Not only did they have the Ginger Beer, but they had a load of others from Fentimans, including this one: “Fentimans Curiousity Cola”.
Unlike the big 2 cola brands (Coke & Pepsi), the vast majority of ingredients are natural, and clearly stated on the bottle (rather than kept as a huge secret). They include:
– Fermented Ginger Root Extract
– Carbonated Water
– Sugar
– Catuaba Extract
– Gurana Extract
– Caramel (E150)
– Phosphoric Acid (E338)
– Cola Flavour 9594 (flavouring)
– Caffeine

It tastes completely different to the big brand rivals, in an extremely good way. Closest taste match I can think of would be them jelly cola bottles you see in the Woolworth “Pic n Mix” sweets display or the lesser known “silver cola balls”. And it has just the right amount of fizz.
Because of the way it’s created, it’s mildly alcholic……. though at around 0.5% no more alcoholic than a can of BASS Shandy, or that departed great “TOP DECK SHANDY” (wonder where the hell that went?).
Unlike the above 2 Shandy products*, however, it seems FENTIMAN’s Curiousity cola has a slight reviving effect….. or at least it did for me (was suffering from that cr*ppy groggy & achey feeling you sometimes get after taking a nap on the sofa).

If any of y’all (Alicia, Sammiejo, Rainn, Nichole B, Felicia, MellySmelly, etc) ever finally come visit, let me know in advance and I’ll order some in so you can try it too (if you’ve never had it before……… don’t know if it’s available where you are).

The manufacturer’s website is:

*Shandy = a soft drink made with a mix of Beer & Lemonade


Just spotted it available for sale in the US via an retailer for $39 a case


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