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Bought Some More Domain Names

Once upon a time I ended up owning around 120 domain names after a wild stab at trying my hand at domain name investing around 2007/2008 after 1&1 UK (now “Ionos“) tag teamed with a company called SEDO.

In the intervening years after turning some of them into actual websites, or getting shot of them to save money I wittled them down to only having around 14 of the things.

Now I seem to have developed an urge to have another go at it, and picked up 6 of the things in the past month.

Might pick up a few more in the coming months if I see anything decent going cheap.

I picked up “” + “” to go with the “Stupid Silly Stuff” facebook page I inherited that’s somehow grown to 10k followers.

I’ve bagged “” because “Funny Cat Videos” is apparently a cheap keyword with lots of traffic. Continue reading “Bought Some More Domain Names”