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For christmas this year I decided to buy my Dad a new thicker fleece jacket since he’s always complaining about being cold (even when temperatures in the livingroom are pushing past 80°F and making me black out from dehydration and lack of breathable air after he’s over-compensated the central heating thermostat).

I eventually found an Island Trading Sherpa Fleece Lined Hoodie on Amazon UK for a good price, and got him the charcoal version.

I also bought the black version for myself since I recall liking hoodies, but don’t think I’ve had one that still fits since the 1980’s before my age reached double figures.

They cost me roughly  £26 to £27, but when they arrived they had price tags for £49.99 on them.

Eventually tested mine out a couple of times recently when it was snowing and freezing. Worked well enough with just my Kappa Polo shirt on underneath, but decided it would be better to wear my trusty old Umbro sweatshirt underneath to protect against cold winds blowing in from the gap left at the top of the zip when it’s fully done up.

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