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UK Election 2010 – Reminders why not to vote LibDem

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Don’t suppose anyone will read this, but maybe help bump things up the search engines or whatever, and make it easier for me to find the damn things again when I need to refer back to them…….. a list of links to my favourite articles / websites busting the Libdems:

A website that exposes the dirty tricks of the Liberal Democrats, showing how they aren’t as “Squeaky Clean” & “Holier Than thou” as they try to lead everyone into believing.

I Did not agree with Nick (John Redwood’s Diary)
The latest addition to the list, an article on John Redwood’s excellent political blog, debunking Nick Clegg’s spin & lies during the first televised leaders debates.

Can you think of a better name for the Liberal Democrats?
An older article at John Redwood’s blog, asking if people can think of a better name for the LibDems as they are neither Liberal, or true Democrats.

Liberal Democrats are big spenders, not tax cutters
John Redwood debunking more LibDem promises.

Vince Cable isn’t all he’s cracked up to be… he is in fact a “left-wing populist serial Flip-flopper, who’s been overhyped by the media”. There’s a few links for this one…

Nick Clegg’s Gaffes……..

A couple of articles showing how daft some of their current MP’s are:

Article about some Anti-LibDem posters.
Some of the comments also expose some of the LibDem’s Policies, which include:
– Scrapping the Pound, and having more of Britain’s laws made in Europe.

– Scrapping Britain’s Nuclear deterrent, at a time when countries like Iran & North Korea are developping their own Nuclear weapons.

– Giving Amnesty to long term illegal immigrants

– Take 58,000 crooks out of prison, and stick them in your local area to do community service.

– Introduce a Carbon tax that’ll stick £300 on your heating bills

– No immigration restrictions on new EU members

– Lib dems want to put VAT on houses for first time buyers. £11,000 more for a first time buyer!?

 Rebuttal of Labour & LibDem spin in the first big TV debate of the Election.

Nick Clegg’s expenses Hypocrisy
Showing how the LibDems aren’t as squeaky clean on expenses as they’ve tried to position themselves.

Cleggie for PM? What is this madness?The Liberal Democrats are a bunch of euro-loving road-hump fetishists who would be a disaster in power, argues Boris Johnson.

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