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JD Plays CS:GO – 2 New Vids on my YouTube channel

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Back in July I screen-recorded a bit of gaming action on my PC using the XBOX app thingy on my Windows10 based PC (windows button + G key) to test out a few things, and did it with the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO as it’s also known as.

After an assortment of disruptions that mean’t having to hold off on my editing and uploading, I’ve finally got round to uploading the things in January 2019.

This first one went live on 14th January, and features the Inferno Dawn map, which was one of my favourites until the game was ruined a bit by the Panorama UI update that made the game look too happy-clappy for the sort of game it’s mean’t to be.

This 2nd video went live today, and is set in another of my favourite maps, named “Shoots”.

From what I remember, the game didn’t get off to the greatest of starts, but I eventually ended up getting one of my best scores for a while in the game somehow.

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